Tattoo artist since 1988.


This is not a regular tattoo parlor, this is a creative studio. PRIVATE appointments only. We do custom work only, NO copies. Every tattoo design is unique and created especially for our customer.


We do ONLY Irezumi, which is also called Horimono or Wabori. This is a traditional Japanese style of tattooing based on native mythology, historical characters and scenes from nature. Normally Irezumi created as a pattern using a large scale motive combined with secondary elements and black background.


We do NOT do walk-ins. ONLY private appointments which really easy to schedule. Please learn the process and request your consultation.


Personal Consultations

We are always available for consultations ‘in person’ and it’s really easy to book!


Learn our tattoo style carefully. Then have a look at our portfolio ones more to make sure that your tattoo idea is compatible to the style and we are able to do what exactly you want. This is important! We do only IREZUMI and really serious about the final result of our work, that’s why we are extremely selective on the ideas.


Collect some images which clearly illustrate all important aspects of your tattoo idea.


Fill out our application form to request your consultation appointment. Make sure you describe your tattoo idea as accurate as possible. Mention all important details and attach the reference images you’ve collected to illustrate the idea.


… And what’s next?


When your consultation request is submitted, you’ll get a confirmation email message, then you just need to keep in touch for our reply by email. We reply to every request and it normally takes 2-3 days, depending on our demand. If you don’t have anything from us during a week, please make sure our message is not in your email app ‘Junk’ folder and then just email us hitting ‘reply’ at your confirmation email.


We do custom work only so first of all your tattoo idea must be discussed detailed. To make sure it’s doable in general, we ask everyone to request a consultation – provide short description and reference images. If the idea is doable, actual consultation will be scheduled and after detailed discussion, in case if you and an artist are both agreed to start the process, your first actual tattoo appointment can be scheduled.

Yes, before you book your first tattoo appointment, you have to read and agree our deposit and cancellation policy, then your deposit of $500 can be payed and a date of the appointment can be chosen. All deposits must be payed online(by card only) through a payment link provided. No appointments can be booked without the deposit.

During a consultation the artist will get few photos and basic sizes of a body part to be tattooed. Then, 1-2 weeks before your first tattoo appointment date you’ll get your tattoo Photoshop mockup sent to you by email. The mockup will show line work of your tattoo design placed on a the photos in approximate position. Accurate position and all other design details adjustments will be done at the first tattoo appointment. Shadings and coloring will be added to your tattoo during the process, starting on 2nd tattoo appointment.

Normal waiting time between your consultation and the first tattoo appointment is 13-14 months. However your Tattoo Consultation can be made within few days or weeks, depending on actual situation. Self scheduling link will be provided to you so actual date can be chosen online.

Yes. And this is the best way to schedule the appointments for large scaled tattoo projects, though nowadays, due to high demand it’s only possible to book appointments one by one. When the date of your first tattoo appointment is chosen, you’ll get a self scheduling link so you’ll be able to chose all your further appointment dates yourself.

Time period between your tattoo appointments is a ‘healing break’ which your body needs for proper healing. Actual healing time is individual and very subjective and we recommend to get at least 3-4 weeks break. In most cases it’s long enough to make sure that skin on tattooed area is ready to get more ink.

We do custom work ONLY so detailed discussion is required. Face to face appointment is the best way for such discussion, though for ‘out of state’ customers we are glad to provide email discussion possibility. This way is good enough to exchange the tattoo idea details as well as to share necessary visual references and not limiting both sides with time needed for discussion.  Unfortunately phone/Zoom calls can not provide such level of ‘freedom’ so we don’t do it.

Normally we reply to everyone and it can take up to 4-5 days. Though sometimes some messages can be missed, because of wrong email address provided or other reasons. If you feel you wait for our reply too long, please hit ‘reply’ at confirmation email message you’ve received after submitting your form to let us know. And before that don’t forget to check your Junk Mail.

Full price for tattoos can NOT be quoted over the phone or email since depends on many different subjective reasons such as actual size, body location, amount of details and technical requirements involved. Amount of time needed to complete a project can be roughly estimated during a consultation, after detailed discussion of the design, NOT earlier.

Unfortunately, it’s really hard to estimate total price. Every human body is unique in it’s metabolic process, every design is unique and nobody can predict how the skin will behave during tattooing and healing periods. Some sleeves can take 15 hours to finish some 35. Very rough estimation can be done only in process of a consultation, after details discussion.

Normal tattoo session takes 4 hours. Longer session, being too much stressful for customer’s body can potentially cause not proper healing process, se we don’t practice them. And for our ‘out of state’ clients we offer so called ‘double-sessions’ – 2 consecutive days of 4 hours sessions. This way is still quite stressful though for sure can dramatically decrease amount of trips.

No. But you still can reschedule your appointment one time if needed. In this case, at least 72 hours notice must be given, shorter notice will cause your deposit lost. NO exceptions. New appointment has to be scheduled within 30 days, after that new deposit will be required to schedule.