George Bardadim

George Bardadim

Russian born tattoo artist working in Japanese Tattoo Style and Realism. Custom Tattoos.

Started tattooing at age 17 using an ordinary sewing needle and thread- a primitive tattoo method often used in Russia during Soviet power period. In 1988 built my first tattoo machine with a ‘Sputnik’ spring powered shaver, empty ball pen cartridge, and a sharpened guitar string. That was beginning of my careerッ 

Numerous experiments in building rotary tattoo machines from custom made parts and close partnership with Taras Shevchenko, leaded me to professional tattoo machine building. 

I spend few years working in my private tattoo studio before started traveling around The Globe in 1999, working as a guest artist and attending biggest tattoo events such as: London Tattoo ConventionParis Le Mondial du TatouageFrankfurt, Berlin, NYC, Milan etc. Those years I also started to create my own tattoo flash sets.

Nowadays I work in Brooklyn, New York and available for appointments in few different shops. I work by custom only, so if you like my tattoo style, please, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help you to create your unique tattoo. 

Thank you.